Are you in the mood for some hip-hopping? Then let’s go because there is a new great FNF mod waiting for you! Here you will enter a gripping rap battle against Blue. And make no mistake, this guy has some badass beats packed into his microphone! So warm up your vocal cords and your fingers – you are going to need them if you hope to emerge victorious from this one!

Meet a new FNF opponent!

In case you’re not familiar with FNF, let us break it down for you. It stands for Friday Night Funkin’, and it’s all about battling it out in a musical showdown. You need to keep the rhythm going and hit those notes just right if you wanna come out on top. But now, FNF has a new challenger – Blue! That’s right, the little blue dude from the hit platformer game is here to show off his mad dance moves and take on all comers.

Chill out and groove away!

So prepare for catchy beats, funky tunes, and some seriously intense battles! You’ll be performing like never before, as you try to outdo Blue and prove you’re the ultimate music master. Each note you nailed right will send your score up while each mistake will eat away at your health. Who would know rapping can be so energy-consuming! But don’t worry, FNF is all about having fun. Even if you lose, that’s not a big deal – you should just try again. The difficulty level can be adjusted to match your skill, and you can work your way up from novice to expert. So put on your dancing shoes, crank up the volume, and get ready to jam out with FNF vs Blue!

FNF Vs Blue (Rainbow Friends)

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