What’s up party people?! Friday Night Funkin is back, and with some serious challenge! Rainbow Friends from the famous horror game are also ready to throw down in the rap battle arena. These creepy creatures may look scary, but they’ve got some serious skills when it comes to spitting rhymes. They’ll challenge you to some sick beats that will make your hair stand on end!

It’s time to go funky – and creepy!

Just like always, you play as a cool dude named Boyfriend who’s trying to impress his girlfriend by rapping his heart out. You gotta face off against some seriously rhyming opponents who are ready to lay down some bars that will make your head spin! And that’s where the Rainbow Friends come in. These crazy characters are ready to take you down with their rhyming skills, so you better bring your A-game if you wanna win!

Outrap Rainbow Friends and stay alive!

Rainbow Friends are a group of colorful characters who are all about that groove. They’ve got wild dance moves and they’re not afraid to use them! They’ll dare you to some funky beats that will get your feet tapping and your head nodding. But don’t worry, you’ve got some groovy rhymes of your own. You gotta match the beat and hit the right notes to keep the audience hyped up and cheering for you. The more you win, the harder the challenges get, but don’t give up! Especially since your life depends on it when you’re up against Rainbow Friends. Keep grooving and moving to the beat and you’ll become a true rap legend in no time!

FNF Vs Rainbow Friends

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