Kindergartens are places where kids are supposed to be taken care of and closely watched. Sometimes it happens that a child get lost somewhere on a field trip or runs away from the kindergarten, but not all of the kids at ones! Especially along with the adults. That’s exactly what happened in Garten of Banban. The police has no clue, the press is silent, and the locals are left with rumors and horror stories. You’ve heard those stories too, but is there even a grain of truth in them? You are about to find that out boldly setting foot in this mysterious establishment!

Grab your drone and start exploring!

Of course, it’s unreasonable to go into a place like this, supposedly under the influence of some paranormal activities, unequipped. So our character has a very handy device with him that will allow the guy to collect more information and investigate every small corner of the building. That’s a drone that can be controlled remotely and sent to hard-to-reach places. With its help, you can greatly expand your searches and, most importantly, risk your life less. Because Garten of Banban is far from safe, even though it might seem empty and desolate!

Solve puzzles, open doors and beware of monsters!

Making your way through Garten of Banban, you’ll repeatedly get the feeling that somebody is stalking you. You’ll hear strange noises and notice fleeting movements. But you won’t be able to tell it for sure… yet. So far, your only trouble is to scan every room you walk into, open drawers and cabinets, search for items and decide whether they will aid somehow in your investigation or you can simply leave them behind. Some of the items are interactive, and it’s incredibly interesting to discover what you can do with them.

Puzzle solving is a huge chunk of the gameplay. You have puzzles at every step. Some of them will be easy to crack, and you will spend literally no time on them. But some can make your brain sizzle as you’re wrecking your head on how to open another door or where the hidden passage is. Stay persistent and don’t be too lazy to explore the same room twice if you have to. Just watch out not to be caught off guard by one of the spooky creatures roaming here! Garten of Banban is waiting!

Garten of Banban Unblocked

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