It’s great when you have a chance to play your favorite game, whatever it is, on your mobile device. After all, we don’t spend our entire day sitting at the computer (well, at least not all of us), and maybe you’ll be in the mood or have a window to make another round of exploration in the twisted Garten of Banban when you’re not at home. That’s where the mobile version of this great horror game comes in handy! Check it out and appreciate the smoothness of the interface and the ease of controls!

Find the missing children!

So, Garten of Banban will send you on an eerie and quirky investigation quest that will surely keep you on your toes for quite a long time. You will get into the dusty classrooms of this spooky kindergarten with the purpose of finding out the truth about missing kids which will involve quite a lot of puzzle solving and a little bit of getting scared. The building consists of various parts that all have their peculiarities and secrets.

As you delve into the depths of Garten of Banban, the bulk of clues you discover will keep growing. Maybe you’ll be able to puzzle them together. Anyway, you have to remember about safety and keep one of your eyes always watching out for any signs of danger that might appear out of the blue. While jumpscares in the game are cartoonish and light, they’re still enough to make you shudder, at least out of sheer unexpectedness.

Garten of Banban now on mobile!

But don’t worry, even if your hands are trembling, that won’t mess with tapping and swiping your way through the creepy preschool in Garten of Banban mobile! The controls are super simple and you will instantly get the hang of them. Controlling your character is not a big deal at all – you will intuitively figure out what to do, and in a few minutes, you will already be playing the game on your smartphone just as confidently as your your PC. So wipe off sweat off your face and off your mobile screen – the horror adventure is about to begin!

Garten of Banban Mobile

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