Garten of Banban is a bizarre and eerie game where you have to explore a desolate kindergarten and uncover the truth about the mysterious disappearance of kids here. You will be roaming the huge building, collecting items, twisting your brains over puzzles and of course get scared when another monster pops up in front of you! With its childlike cartoonish creepiness, Garten of Banban will surely appeal to all players who want to tickle their nerves a bit!

The mysteries of Garten of Banban are waiting for you!

You start out in the main hall, with the gameplay running from first-person perspective. A solution typical for horror games since it immerses you deeper into what’s happening on the screen making you believe you’re actually the one doing all the stuff and setting yourself up to danger. You won’t see your character, only his hands that he will be using to perform various actions and manipulations.

The whole process consists of wandering through this spooky and abandoned place in search of any clues that might lead you closer to solving the mystery of Garten of Banban. These clues can be just anywhere – maybe lying out in the open, maybe stashed somewhere in a desk drawer or hidden in the toy box. So it’s important to check everywhere, scanning another room bit by bit and rummaging through everything you see.

Look out for any clues and watch out for evil mascots!

And you won’t be unequipped on your quest. The developers have provided you with a drone. This useful device can be guided to any part of the room, including those you would otherwise have no access to. And, more importantly, it will make you feel like you’re not so alone after all in this silent and dusty place that starts to seem more and more disturbing as you get deeper and deeper into it. Maybe it is really possessed by some evil force? So far, you are inclined to think it’s just your imagination running wild. But only until the first jumpscare…

In the process of your investigation, you’ll discover that Garten of Banban is trickier and more dangerous that it looks at first sight. You’ll meet evil mascots – some kind of huge toys that look all colorful and cute, but that are actually brutal killers. You have to stay alert if you don’t want to be taken aback and ending the game way too soon! So plunge into this thrilling horror adventure and hope that you will get out of this nightmare with answers – and with your life!

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