This kindergarten used to be the best in the area. Every single parent hoped to get a place for their child in this high-repute establishment. But one day it all ended. The place was shut down without any official explanation. But by following the news you could find out that something happened there. Some kind of a crime or kidnapping. Children and adults alike disappeared – everyone who was inside. No traces has been found, and the police is still clueless. But you’re not! You have some thoughts on this one, and you are about to confirm them by breaking into Garten of Banban and investigation this strange disappearance all on your own!

Discover the truth about missing children!

Making your way through the forsaken kindergarten, you come across locked doors, hidden rooms, and cryptic messages etched into the walls. It’s up to you, the main hero and a self-assigned detective, to deal with all the riddles and unlock the secrets of this sinister place. Each puzzle is a unique challenge, with clues and hints hidden throughout the building. Some require you to manipulate objects in the environment, while others demand you to use logic and reasoning to decipher complex codes and ciphers.

As you progress through the game, the puzzles grow increasingly more intricate and difficult, testing your problem-solving skills to their very limit. You must apply some serious outside-the-box thinking and look at things from different angles to uncover the solutions that will lead you to the truth. But be warned, failure is not an option. The consequences of getting a puzzle wrong can be dire, and you will have to face the wrath of the evil that lurks within these walls!

Beware of the evil that lurks inside!

Yes, you’re not alone in this building. And you may have already sensed it. Someone or something is watching you and waiting for the right moment to reveal itself. You’re not sure it’s going to be a friendly encounter, so you’d better stay ready to run or hide, or maybe even fight if you’re braved enough (and armed well) in case things start unfolding too drastically. It’s up to you to choose an optimal strategy. The fate of the missing children rests in your hands, and only by solving the riddles this place has in store for you can you unlock the secrets that will lead you to their salvation. So walk into Garten of Banban and hope you’ll make your way out!

Garten of Banban 3

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