The sixth part of the famous series almost immediately plunges you into a dark adventure, from which few managed to return alive. You will have to return to the kindergarten, where terrible events took place and try to deal with everything that is happening there. The game has retained the basic concept. This is still the same horror in which even ordinary toys that look quite friendly are a danger to you.

How to play?

The view in the game is presented from the first person. You can move around, pick up items and interact with various mechanisms. The main thing is not to get caught by opponents, as they can kill you. Enemies appear from the most unexpected places, so you always need to be careful. Otherwise, you will never solve the mystery of this place. Opponents can create barriers to passage by blocking the passage. In this case, the player needs to bypass the barriers, create new passages, look for additional secrets, etc. The main part of the passage is based on the study of the area, where mortal dangers can await you, but useful items can also be found. Having found the enemy, you should try to run away from him, hide or destroy him, if possible. Each of them requires a different approach, since each game situation is unique. This makes the passage more interesting and varied, because old schemes and techniques may not work on new opponents.

Player Goals

The main goal here is still survival and disclosure of the secrets of the kindergarten. One gets the impression that the revived toys will always find a way to rise again. You need to close another loophole for them and at the same time save yourself. The action takes place in a mysterious and gloomy atmosphere, which only emphasizes the general idea of a horror game.

What’s new?

Players are waiting for improved graphics and interesting musical accompaniment. It is harmoniously woven into the game and intensifies the atmosphere of horror. Quiet moments skillfully alternate with loud ones, there are screamers and other interesting tricks that can seriously scare. The contrast of the atmosphere of the kindergarten and the frightening orientation is preserved. You are waiting for new opponents and puzzles. It will be necessary to think over different ways of solving, to look for new ways to move forward. You will also find yourself in new kindergarten rooms that were previously inaccessible.

Garten Of Banban 6

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